Mini Bernedoodle Puppy for Sale by dog breeder: Matthew Stoltzfus

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Breed: Mini Bernedoodle
Birthday: 04/23/2022
Color: Black & Tan
Registration Number: PA-ICA-1964023-005
Cost: $595.00

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Father: Millwood Diego     PA-ICA-1878837-002

Color: Black & Brown, White Markings

Picture of Father:

Picture of Mother:

Mother: Millwood Tina      PA-ICA-1763856-007

Color: Brindle
Points towards Champion Title: 6

Mother’s Health Certifications:

Heart: Apparently free of any defects Eyes: Free of entropion Dental: Normal bite / no missing teeth Knees: No Luxating Patellas

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Breeds: Mini Bernedoodle
Breeder : Matthew Stoltzfus
Location:346 Millwood Rd., Gap, PA
Phone: 7174424753, 4846433555
Email :

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