Our Core Values

Puppy for Sale ACA and ICA Registered Puppies

The American Canine Association's (ACA) Puppy For Sale amd Puppy Locator web sites are designed for breeders who strive to be the very best.  These breeders provide loving care to the Moms and Dads or the puppies they raise with most important veterinary oversight, socialization and excersie programs. feeding premium foods, and veterinary prevenative care with proper innocualtions and deworming.

Thousands of kennel inspections are performed each year and tracked by www.StarBreeder.org. We support rigorous enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act and state and local regulations governing the humane care of animals. To find out more about the countries finest breeder requirements go to www.starbreed.org/requirements.aspx.

Puppy for Sale Education & Certification

The ACA provides breeders with the education and resources they need to make sure their puppies get off to the right start.  ACA's Star Breeders have veterinarian approved programs in place to promote canine health, socialization, training, and responsible dog ownership..